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How to Activate Process Navigator

Here are the details you will need for activating your licence:  

  1. Start/Open Process Navigator on your PC

  2. A box saying that the product is not activated will appear (If you aren't prompted automatically, go to "Help" along the top menu)

  3. Click Request new activation code.

  4. Click launch activation server (The Triaster website will appear)

  5. Type into activation reference box: (Your activation Reference)

  6. Then click “Next”

  7. Type the number of months you wish to activate (you will only be allowed to activate the number of months up to and just beyond your next renewal date) then click “Next”

  8. Enter your email address twice and click "activate"

  9. Copy & paste the long code given on the web page or the email you'll receive, into point 3) Enter the activation code... within your Process Navigator software and click on "Apply"

  10. Then close

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  • 24-Oct-2016