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Upgrading your server from v16.2 onwards

The following instructions apply if you are upgrading FROM 16.2 to a later version of Triaster Server.
If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please contact Triaster Customer Services first. This is because each Triaster Process Library has a customised homepage design and specific alerts and approvals requirements, the configuration of the new menu editor and alerts and approvals functionality will need to be Library specific. 
If the Triaster solution is installed on a virtual server then please take a snapshotbefore following the instructions below. This will enable you to rollback if required.

Software Upgrade Process

1.Log on to the Server as the publication user account.
2.Check whether 32 or 64 bit Visio is installed. To do this open Visio and follow the instructions below depending on which version of Visio is installed.
    a.Visio 2007: Always 32-bit. 
    b.Visio 2010: Go to File -> Help. On the right hand side under About
Microsoft Visio there will be a version number. The bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is specified with this number
    c.Visio 2013/2016: Go to File -> Account. Click About Visio (question mark     icon). The bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is shown at the top of the About Visio box.
3.Download the new software versions of both Triaster Server and Process Navigator from the software downloads page ( The Process Navigator version downloaded must correspond to the bitness of Visio (see step 2).
4.Install Process Navigator by running ProcessNavigator.msi within the Process Navigator zip file. Ensure the install path displayed matches that of the current installation path.
5.6. Extract the Triaster Server zip file to a location on the server (such as the Desktop).Run the newly downloaded versionby double-clicking Setup.exe. 
If all requirements have been met and the screen below is shown, the installation can be run by clicking the “Start Installation” button. Click OK to any prompts. A message will be shown when the installation has completed. If the message below is not shown, please see the trouble-shooting steps below.

1.     Minimum requirements not met. If these have not been met, you may experience performance problems with your Process Library. You are advised to contact your IT in the first instance. Details of how well the current system meets minimum requirements can be viewed in the View Minimum Requirements Report.

2.     User details not entered.  You will need to click on the Edit Details tabs and enter the Publication User account details. If you do not wish to store these details, they will need to be re-entered on each installation.

For further advice please contact Triaster Support

Displaying Key Features and Minimum Requirement Compliance

1.    The Triaster Server Upgrade Utility can be run at any time (without needing to install the software) in order to show both if the minimum requirements have been met as well as what key features (Auto Copy of Maps, Mobile Library, Newspage, Menu Editor and Search Type) have been installed.

2.    In additional to displaying the information onscreen, a text file is created within the installation folder which contains the same information. This can be then be emailed to Triaster if required.

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